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Luco toys stands for Ludere ( play in Latin)cen co -operative. Play together and learn, learn about your kid’s hands your world , your friends and your environment .

We create wonderful products that make kids explore their creative, motoric, and intelligent skills.

these products are made of eco materials such as rubber wood.

wooden toy block and planks

Why does playing with wooden toys benefits children of all ages.

Luco toys recommends playing with wooden toys. Wooden toys are oftele labeled as a better option for plastic toys. But why is that often written by famous bloggers and scientists ?

 Is there really a difference in these types of toys and what is the difference? In this blog you can read why it is better to choose wooden toys.

One of the best reasons for choosing wooden toys over plastic toys is because of their durability. By buying toys made of plastic, you contribute to the overproduction of plastic.
Certainly our range of wooden toys is a better alternative. These toys are made from fast-growing trees, so that the impact on nature is nil.
The appearance also plays a role, because wooden toys are nicer to look at. And wooden toys also look much warmer than plastic toys.
And the biggest advantage of wooden toys is that they last for years and years and because of that they can even be passed on from generation to generation. How nice and fun is that?
Child Development
Playing and learning a lot at the same time, that's what happens during a role play. Children learn a lot of new skills like planning, sharing and experimenting. Social skills are also further developed through role play. Because many toys are attached to each other with Velcro, they also train their motor skills in a playful way. Within a role play, children dare to express themselves more. This is because the role play provides a safe environment, because after all, we are just pretending. In a playful way, their own identity is developed and children learn to accept differences of opinion and to resolve quarrels. They find out that everyone is different, reacts differently to certain situations and that this is okay. Furthermore, while playing a role-playing game together, children discover that things sometimes go differently than you had planned or wanted. All educational lessons!

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